Every person has unique needs based on their personal situation and goals. Because we want to provide customized services, we make each portfolio unique – designed and managed to achieve an individual’s specific objectives.

We find, analyze and explain the opportunities and dangers inherent in each kind of investment; cash, precious metals, active and passive real estate, private businesses and other kinds of illiquid assets.

Our preference is to have a continuous one-on-one dialogue to explain what different vehicles are available and appropriate in a simple and clear manner. Strategic decisions are meant to enhance our clients’ lives.

Investment management strategies are a joint product of our clients’ input, which help us define goals and challenges. Most often, our strategies are centered on preservation of capital and often involve various forms of socially responsible investing, also known as environmental social governance.

To meet the challenge of changing market conditions, we take an active approach by adjusting our asset allocation strategy on a firm level as well as continuously reviewing individual portfolios.

We tend to be early in and early out of the markets. By considering “what ifs” and anticipating potential downturns, our first goal is to protect capital and then to enhance returns by finding successful investment vehicles.

Most client accounts are composed of a combination of stocks, bonds, cash and are diversified using both public and private investments, all combined in a tax efficient manner.