Below please find links to our quarterly commentaries and an archive of articles written by Rob. Our commentaries provide insight to current news and events which shape our financial world, and the article archive is a good reference for many financial topics.

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Winter Commentary – 2020

*Excerpts from December 5, 2019 Quarterly Tea* Rob: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome. Our format for these discussions is generally pretty open. Let’s see what is on people’s mind to get a sense of where we should start. Gary: I’m interested in the article in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal about U.S. corporate debt being at… Continued


Fall Commentary – 2019

Introduction This quarter’s commentary will be in a new format, more conversational, as we attempt to bring the flavor of our in-person gatherings to readers. We want to make everyone aware that we have a new employee at the Rikoon Group and begin by introducing Elizabeth Hook, who joined us from the Gerald Peters organization.… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2019

The Markets The first quarter of 2019 was very profitable for stock investors around the globe. After falling sharply during the last months of 2018, stocks had their best quarterly gain in nearly 10 years because central banks around the world reversed course and abandoned their well-publicized efforts to instill discipline into government borrowing and… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2019

The Markets The world’s stock markets went wild with dramatic swings during the fourth quarter of 2018. Investors pulled $76 billion out of stocks in December alone, the most ever for that month. On Christmas Eve, the 10-year bull market almost came to an end, but then, “miraculously”, recovered.  With substantial volatility becoming the norm,… Continued


Fall Commentary – 2018

The Markets U.S. stocks had a great three months during the 3rd quarter, propelled by favorable corporate profit reports and overall good economic news. The tax overhaul bill passed late last year, which cut the corporate tax rate sharply, has sent company profits up and their share prices reflect these benefits. The Dow Jones 30… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2018

The Markets There is an eerie sense in the market these days as five mega-technology companies power higher while the rest of the stock universe is treading water or floundering. The big five are Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet (formally Google). The technology index to which these companies belong advanced 6.3% during the second… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2018

    The Markets This year started off like a roller coaster. Following the strongest performance of any January in recent history, the world stock markets, particularly the U.S., plunged steeply in February and since then on an almost daily basis. Volatility long since forgotten has returned with fervor.  During the first quarter, the Dow… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2018

The Markets The broad-based U.S. stock market surged 19% in 2017 while the narrower Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 25%. Nearly two thirds of investors now feel like the stock market will continue to rise which is the highest measure on record. Investors are buying on even the smallest pullbacks with the expectation that… Continued


Fall Commentary – 2017

The Markets Lack of imagination on the part of investors is fueling stock markets to grind quietly higher with U.S. indexes reaching record levels on their seemingly unstoppable march to new ever highs. The S&P rose 4% during the third quarter and is up 12.5% year to date. Technology stocks such as the Big Four:… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2017

The Markets The world’s global stock markets keep churning along as stocks turned in their best first-half of the year so far this decade. Only four previous 6 month long rallies have matched 2017 and two of them ended in crashes while two marked the beginnings of new bull markets.  Which trend today’s markets will… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2017

The Markets The surging equity market that had been riding a wave of investor enthusiasm following Donald Trump’s election as US president abated somewhat towards the end of the first quarter. Stocks rose based on the expectation that Trump’s electoral victory would usher in a Reagan-like era of rampant deregulation, fiscal stimulus in the form… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2017

The Markets The New Year usually begins with hope and enthusiasm, especially when the occupant of the presidential suite is changing. This year has a qualitatively different feeling due to extreme uncertainty in the air. The US stock market’s year-end rally was impressive and mostly unexpected. Financial companies in particular skyrocketed due to the assumption… Continued


Fall Commentary – 2016

The Markets Stocks ended the third quarter up 3.3% which was unexpected, given the bad news about Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest financial institution and uncertainty over when the Fed will raise interest rates. More importantly, investors have shrugged off diminished corporate earnings, which are expected to drop 2.1% from a year earlier. The profitability of… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2016

The Markets Investors were subjected to quite a shock at the end of the 2nd quarter, as US stocks rallied immediately after a precipitous decline due to the UK’s vote to exit from the European Union.  The Dow Jones industrial average has already recovered, almost to where it was before the vote, and remains in… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2016

The Markets Major stock indexes gained about 13% since mid-February and are finally in positive territory after a steep drop earlier in the year. US stocks ended slightly ahead for the first three months of 2016, mostly due to a recovery in oil prices and continued easing on the part of central banks. The US… Continued

Winter commentary – 2016

The Markets 2015 marked the worst year for the US stock market since 2008. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 2.2% while the broader base Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 0.7%. The technology index, known as the NASDAQ, gained 5.7%, primarily because a few stocks, Netflix and Amazon, rose spectacularly during the year. Most asset… Continued


Fall Commentary – 2015

The Markets During the third quarter of the year, investors experienced the largest percentage declines for US stock market indexes and the most volatility since 2011. We expect this roller coaster ride to continue because international and US corporate earnings will likely decline for the second quarter in a row, harkening back to the contracting… Continued

Summer Commentary – 2015

The Markets The second quarter of 2015 exhibited a shift in performance as stocks fell to the point where year-to-date returns are minimal. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 1.14% while the more forward-looking Dow Transportation Average is down 11.46%. High dividend paying utilities have declined 10.96% so far this year. The technology laden… Continued

Spring Commentary – 2015

The Markets Easy money policies from central banks around the world and the lack of political unrest in the developed world helped support stock prices during the first quarter of 2015 as several indexes moved to new highs in the US, England, and Germany.  The Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 4/10 of 1% during the… Continued

Winter Commentary – 2015

The Markets The US experienced close to the best of all macro-economic conditions for stocks which served to propel the market to unprecedented highs in 2014. The Federal Reserve and other central banks continued to pump money into the world’s major economies and this helped, along with the falling price of oil during the last… Continued

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